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    The Crest

    The tagline: “Two descendants of an Irish king journey to the island he once presided over — not to reclaim the land, but to surf the waves.” How can you not want to see this? I just doubled down today on my pledge.

    From The Crest’s Kickstarter page:
    Cut off from the surrounding world by treacherous ocean, a collection of rocky islands off the western-most coast of Ireland housed a people and a King. Constantly fighting against the threat of famine and cruel weather, this group of families helped preserve a language and culture that was forcibly taken from their country. (continue reading)

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    If I had an extra $5000 to throw down, I’d do it (and hell yeah, I’d take a producer credit ;). This whole story is compelling to me. I know one of the producers, and I couldn’t be more pleased to know she’s working on such an exciting project. Part of my interest is the pride I have in my fractional Irish heritage that I know nothing about. I plan to live vicariously through the makers of The Crest.

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    Written by Joshua Mormann