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    Summer EP—Released!

    The solstice has passed, and the CD is out. Actually, it’s been out since it was still actually summer, but I’ve been under the gun with two other Existable-related projects to make the announcement here. Russell Wieland’s Summer EP was released on September 2nd, and is now available in all popular music formats via all popular channels formats, including:

    • As AACs at: iTunes
    • As MP3s at: Amazon
    • Streaming at: Spotify
    • As an old fashioned shiny disk in a shrink-wrapped digipak by emailing Your’s Truly, or Rusty Himself

      Originally Existable was going to play a major production role in the release of the EP, but due to financial trouble, I took a coaching and graphic design role instead, as a personal favor to Russell. Existable being a fledgling umbrella concept for all things that I personally advocate or produce, I hit a personal financial hardship that disallowed the cost of pressing this release. This album is all Rusty, top to bottom, from writing, to producing, mixing, and even all the photography, typography and mixed media art that went into my design of the cover.

    The EP was mastered by none other than Dave Green He’s not just a photographer ladies and gentlemen, many would say he is an audio man first.

    If you want one of the limited supply of the digipaks you should order it through me if you live in Eastern Massachusetts but not on Nantucket, or from Russell himself if you live anywhere else. $7 on island, $10 off-island.

    The digipak is the best way to go, because you get the album art, and liner notes, which came out pretty slick if I say so myself… which I just did.

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    Written by Joshua Mormann