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    Stranger and Stranger

    I don’t think a sexier item has ever arrived in the mail (for me) before. Today I just received the Ultimate Deck (of cards) from Dan and Dave, in collaboration with packaging and branding firm Stranger and Stranger. The tab carton itself is sexy with a highly ornate black on black debossing and foil stamp “Stranger” written in typography that reads equally (palindromatically?) when rotated 180°.

    The offer to purchase this unique deck of cards came to me via Touch of Modern, as a limited time offer. The artwork and typography had me at hello. I am not a magician, and I don’t typically play cards, but as a designer I know a thing of beauty when I see it. The density of type, and filigry reminded me of the work that comes out of Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, only sexier?

    There are two opposing theories of art and design that I gravitate toward [which is probably why suffer from ADD], and they are the first being, that Less is More (ala, It’s done when you can’t take anything else away), and 2. that More is More (ala, the magical stylings of guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen). The Ultimate Deck is in my opinion some how magically satisfies both theories. While there is more to this deck of cards than has ever been hither to produced, It is done, and done well, because there isn’t anything I can imagine taking away from it.

    I couldn’t be more pleased to have a copy in my possession. I took more pictures of this pack of cards before I opened it, than I likely will of my first child. (I hope that’s not true, but I know myself).

    Card Spread

    While the gift set is no longer available, getting a copy like I just picked up (above), can still be done for a cool $24 at Dan and Dave.

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    Written by Joshua Mormann