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    Noooooo! Not You Too, Capo!

    I just got an email from Mac Legion announcing another one of those crazy seasonal Mac Application Bundles and listed among them was Capo! This makes me so sad! Cool, useful, good-looking, Apple Design Award-worthy software, should never be sold on the cheap! It should stand on its own! It should earn the cash for its developer that it deserves! Dagnabbit!

    Capo, from SuperMegaUltraGroovy Software has to be the best thing to happen to learning how to play music by ear, since the tape deck with AMS. Not only is Capo extremely helpful when listening to musical phrases repeatedly for the purposes of learning, but it’s perhaps one of the nicest looking applications available for the Mac.

    While the new Mac Legion bundle does look like a steal. There are some great apps there, worth far more than the $49 price tag, if you are a Mac user, and a musician that likes to learn by ear, it would warm my heart this holiday season, if you would purchase Capo directly from the developer or from the Mac App Store.

    If you need help learning the fundamentals of learning how to play music by ear, Be Dangerous On Rock Guitar is the best book ever written on the subject.

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    Written by Joshua Mormann