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    Mojo: Digital Design for the Hobbyist

    Embedded Micro had me at: “The Mojo is an FPGA development board that is designed to be user friendly and a great introduction into digital design for anyone.” I’m an anyone! I’ve been interested in this sort of thing since the Arduino project came on the scene a few years back, but I fell behind so quickly with work and what all, that I never got to actually programming one myself. But I did fall in love with the physical programming world as a spectator for quite some time. Now that I am full bore into studying iOS development, and a little bit more savvy in the concepts of software programming, I think it’s time to give physical computing another go. This time we’re talking FPGA, which is a little bit more flexible than the microcontroller of the Arduino. Now the FPGA’s complexity and flexibility over a microcontroller, is still all lost on me at the moment, but I couldn’t help but throw down, and back this project, because a part of me really wants to get into this realm of computing, even if it takes me the rest of my life to catch up with the badass nerds of the physical computing world.

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    Written by Joshua Mormann