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    Bastion by Danny Robertson

    Support the production of this micro-budget student film Bastion, by backing, or liking it on Kickstarter

    The film will be directed by Danny Robertson, and Produced by Becky Webb, and is to be a story about an aging soldier named Bastion, who has remained behind in the wilderness while his people flee from an advancing tribe of violent revolutionaries. His mission, to destroy the tribesmen of EO as they arrive, has been going well, but a young, unexpected visitor may change all that.

    Perusing the most recent Kickstarter project launches this morning, we were hoping to find something unique, something to talk up as “existable.” Something we could get behind, and get excited about. There are so many albums and EPs and music tours launching lately, that our eyes are all beginning to glaze over for anything music related. (While there were a couple guitar stomp boxes that caught my fancy, I couldn’t sway the team. Besides, I don’t play guitar anymore, and I don’t back things I don’t plan on buying anyway)

    So because of the current popularity of music-related Kickstarter projects, our new campaign for promoting under-funded projects was starting to look like a bust. Until I came across Bastion. With a tag-line like: “A post-apocalyptic buddy movie,” I was immediately intrigued. I am personally, a sucker for student film projects, because I’ve been involved in many myself, but with scope of the project, and the minuscule budget of only £300, we all decided that Bastion was a good first, under-funded project to promote. We want to see what this student team can do!

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    Written by Joshua Mormann