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    Nice Adobe

    Well, I’ve been asking for this kind of arrangement for well over a decade now, and Adobe has finally delivered (well almost, they expect to actually deliver on May 7 make that May 11 of this year). Adobe Creative Cloud is on the horizon. All the adobe creative suite products at an affordable monthly subscription price. You can pre-order your first monthly payment of just 49USD right now.

    I haven’t had much good to say about adobe for years, but I have to hand it to them. They are not only going to let you subscribe to their entire creative suite, they’ve come through at a price point I never would have expected from them. I wouldn’t have even expected this pricing back in stronger younger, less inflated US dollars back when I started whining for a subscription plan from them.

    If I’m a little late on this, you have to forgive me. I know they had been offering a limited subscription plan a while ago, but then pulled it in preparation for Creative Cloud a couple months back. But today is the first I’ve noticed it’s availability for pre-order.

    What gives me cause to write about this, is that Adobe seems to be taking a step back and realizing that putting their tools in the hands of Design firms and Students only, isn’t serving anyone in the middle. Just maybe they are considering the idea that their problem with sales lost due to piracy has more to do with their industry monopoly and price point, and less to do with a dip in public morality at large.

    Now, I’m assuming that this subscription, can be on going, and that it will include any future Creative Suite upgrades, as this is how most software subscriptions work, time will tell though. I’m sure Adobe isn’t making any promises beyond their first contractual year, but CS6 looks sick (dark gray UI option!), and my order is in.

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    Written by Joshua Mormann