Ideas worthy of existance


    Existable, at the moment, in the web-sense, is little more than a renaming of the web content that used to be found at vonCreedy.com. However, this assessment is only going to be accurate for a short while longer. Existable in the real-world, and over-arching sense, is a small, and exclusive group of creative individuals who spend a great deal of their time advocating, facilitating, and producing things they deem worthwhile. Advocating creatives, is fun and all, but keeping the vonCreedy.com website interesting quickly became unsustainable, trying to land interviews, and then researching for interviews that would ultimately fall through 4 times out of 5, proved ultimately to be a distraction rather than a boon for its creator, so it ultimately drew to an ambiguous close.

    As time goes on, the purpose and mission of the Existable brand, and it€™s members will begin to emerge more clearly, but for now, since you'€™re looking for '€œabout info'€ you might as well read the old vonCreedy.com about us, since it was written to be applicable to the current content of this site:

    vonCreedy.com is an interview blog I’ve been working on, in my spare time for the purpose of reaching out to learn about creative individuals. I want to know more about the work they do, and their philosophies that drive them. The purpose of gathering some of the thoughts of these people, is to help inspire readers as well as myself in our own creative endeavors. Weather you have yet to discover what your passion in life actually is, or you have been working in a field that you love for your entire career, I have found that there is nearly always something to be gained by someone else’s insight, and perspective.

    I am an equal opportunity interviewer on vonCreedy.com, however I am very selective. What I mean by selective is that I try to talk to whomever I find fascinating, because at this point, it’s just me running this joint. Although I’d love to grow to a point where there are other minds and tastes assisting in the project on the back end. What I mean by equal opportunity is that I don’t just seek the masters. If I find your work particularly good, in any particular discipline of the arts or sciences, for any reason I’m going to do what I can to contact you. I don’t care if you’re just starting out, and you show promise, or if you’ve been doing it for longer than I’ve been alive. If someone that does stuff I like will talk to me… I’m going to talk to them. Even if only via email.

    I’ve tried to define von Creedy with specific goals, and objectives for the readership, but I don’t think it can really be tied down to a mission statement. However it might go something like this. vonCreedy.com is a curated collection of interviews conducted with talented and creative individuals at varied levels and disciplines, intended to gather insight, perspective, and inspiration for its readers.