The Crest

The tagline: “Two descendants of an Irish king journey to the island he once presided over — not to reclaim the land, but to surf the waves.” How can you not want to see this? I just doubled down today on my pledge. Continue Reading →

Give it up for Ghost

Another Kickstarter campaign I had to get behind. While it is already well funded with 25 days to go, I am so completely impressed with the sweet of tools Ghost has to offer, that I had to back the project to be sure it’s brilliance doesn’t slip my mind by the time it ships later this year. If you are at all into blogging, please take a look at Ghost, and back it, if it pleases you as much as it pleases me.
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Stranger and Stranger

I don’t think a sexier item has ever arrived in the mail (for me) before. Today I just received the Ultimate Deck (of cards) from Dan and Dave, in collaboration with packaging and branding firm Stranger and Stranger. The tab carton itself is sexy with a highly ornate black on black debossing and foil stamp “Stranger” written in typography that reads equally (palindromatically?) when rotated 180°.

The offer to purchase this unique deck of cards came to me via Touch of Modern, as a limited time offer. The artwork and typography had me at hello. I am not a magician, and I don’t typically play cards, but as a designer I know a thing of beauty when I see it. The density of type, and filigry reminded me of the work that comes out of Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, only sexier?
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An Invocation for Anyone Who Hasn’t Begun

Today is one of those days here at the Kingston Ranch, perhaps one of those weeks, where your humble curator of things existable finds himself, head-first and unreachably fathomed within the depths of his own puppet hole. Getting past the stuckness here between zero and one has been difficult and nearly impossible lately, and the weather god’s recent efforts to drop a few more inches of the wet and white, on my patch of the planet, before this winter is through, has me sticky with Ugh Syrup.

So two things, 1. If your humble curator happens to know you personally, and has been anything less than enjoyable to be around, I apologize right here. And most importantly, 2. if you ever find yourself in a state of mind, or situation not unlike the one in which I have recently found yours truly, I want to give you one of the ways I dig myself out, I give you An Invocation for Beginnings by my Hero: Ze Frank.
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Mojo: Digital Design for the Hobbyist

Embedded Micro had me at: “The Mojo is an FPGA development board that is designed to be user friendly and a great introduction into digital design for anyone.” I’m an anyone! I’ve been interested in this sort of thing since the Arduino project came on the scene a few years back, but I fell behind so quickly with work and what all, that I never got to actually programming one myself. But I did fall in love with the physical programming world as a spectator for quite some time. Now that I am full bore into studying iOS development, and a little bit more savvy in the concepts of software programming, I think it’s time to give physical computing another go. This time we’re talking FPGA, which is a little bit more flexible than the microcontroller of the Arduino. Now the FPGA’s complexity and flexibility over a microcontroller, is still all lost on me at the moment, but I couldn’t help but throw down, and back this project, because a part of me really wants to get into this realm of computing, even if it takes me the rest of my life to catch up with the badass nerds of the physical computing world.
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Bastion by Danny Robertson

Support the production of this micro-budget student film Bastion, by backing, or liking it on Kickstarter

The film will be directed by Danny Robertson, and Produced by Becky Webb, and is to be a story about an aging soldier named Bastion, who has remained behind in the wilderness while his people flee from an advancing tribe of violent revolutionaries. His mission, to destroy the tribesmen of EO as they arrive, has been going well, but a young, unexpected visitor may change all that. Continue Reading →

Noooooo! Not You Too, Capo!

I just got an email from Mac Legion announcing another one of those crazy seasonal Mac Application Bundles and listed among them was Capo! This makes me so sad! Cool, useful, good-looking, Apple Design Award-worthy software, should never be sold on the cheap! It should stand on its own! It should earn the cash for its developer that it deserves! Dagnabbit!

Capo, from SuperMegaUltraGroovy Software has to be the best thing to happen to learning how to play music by ear, since the tape deck with AMS. Not only is Capo extremely helpful when listening to musical phrases repeatedly for the purposes of learning, but it’s perhaps one of the nicest looking applications available for the Mac.

While the new Mac Legion bundle does look like a steal. There are some great apps there, worth far more than the $49 price tag, if you are a Mac user, and a musician that likes to learn by ear, it would warm my heart this holiday season, if you would purchase Capo directly from the developer or from the Mac App Store.

If you need help learning the fundamentals of learning how to play music by ear, Be Dangerous On Rock Guitar is the best book ever written on the subject.

Family has Joined the Family

The famous food pornographer, and much read Mommy Blogger Jaime Mormann has agreed to move her very popular Sophistimom blog over to the Existable server. So now, my sister is part of the Existable family as well as the immediate natural family she’s been a part of since she was born into this world. I am happy to have her on board, with Existable, and sharing this powerful new MediaTemple web server with us.

If you’re looking for recipes, or family building activities, or you just like gawking at amazing food, visit Jaime’s blog at:

Summer EP—Released!

The solstice has passed, and the CD is out. Actually, it’s been out since it was still actually summer, but I’ve been under the gun with two other Existable-related projects to make the announcement here. Russell Wieland’s Summer EP was released on September 2nd, and is now available in all popular music formats via all popular channels formats, including:

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Meteor JS Proven “Existable” by 3rd-Party VC

While Existable does what it can, with it’s pockets being currently only as deep as its founder’s (my) pockets, to keep its promise of advocating, facilitating and producing the worthwhile, there are venture capitalists out there that can afford to put big money were their mouths are, and do radically more good for the worthwhile than we can (as yet). Someday Existable, will have big money to speak in place of our mouths, but for now we’ll just have to advocate the well-spent cash of those who can already afford to do such a thing.

Recently, Meteor JS, my favorite new web technology (because it’s awesome) just got their first round of VC funding, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I am very pleased that companies like Andreessen Horowitz and others, have not only the means but the foresight to invest in promising new start ups such as Meteor JS.
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